These affordable programs consist of seven one-hour sessions held once a week at our Sherwood location and are open to any aspiring athlete interested in improving their skills in a fast paced, positive coaching environment.

Instructional programs follow a clinic-style instructional format with each session offering instruction in progressive fundamental drills, techniques, game I.Q. and game play.

Honoring The Game coaches are on hand to provide professional coaching during each session.  Student athletes will learn on the run while having fun!

Program Dates​

We are currently running three Sherwood programs on Sunday afternoons during the off-season as follows:

Fall Program:  September - October

Winter Program:  November - December

Preseason:  January - February

Exact dates and times will be listed in email advertisements and on our "CURRENT PROGRAMS" page.

Participation Levels

Instructional programs are offered to boys at the following levels:

 BOYS YOUTH: 3rd/4th  -  5th/6th  -  7th/8th

Teams or groups may be adjusted by skill level to ensure all student-athletes are playing at a level equal to their skills and physical abilities.

***  ​Programs are dependent on receiving enough registrants to provide the optimal player experience.  Payments are not processed until minimum registration numbers are met.